New Zealand has a long and diverse history when it comes to the practice of playing games of chance and luck. While some have been completely supportive of the practice, others have managed to impose various restrictions throughout the years regarding different forms of gambling. Regardless of past turmoil, the current situation in New Zealand is fairly and sufficiently regulated, and most forms of gambling – lotteries, bookmakers, casinos – are permitted on its territory.

When it comes to casinos in particular, the network of land-based establishments of this type is rather scarce, as only six are in existence to date. This, on the other hand, has prompted each of them to provide more quality than quantity, resulting in a benevolent environment for its player base. If you have the option to choose and visit some of them, the following list contains the top casino establishments on New Zealand soil.

Christchurch Casino

This casino floor opened back in 1994, and is known as the first casino floor, offering players with a massive selection of over 500 of their favourite pokies, as well as table games and a sports bar with world-wide action coverage. If you are looking to visit Christchurch Casino, you will need to know its working hours are from 11 am to 3 am. This still offers players plenty of time for players to explore all the different possibilities at their fingertips. One thing is for sure – they are bound to enjoy the comps offered by regular casino and VIP hosts for your action on their casino floor.

Dunedin Casino

The Dunedin Casino establishment may not be the biggest or most diversely equipped among the whole, but it is definitely worth a visit. One reason for this is due to its convenience – the casino is located only 24km away from the Dunedin Airport. Tourists, in particular, are bound to make the most of such proximity, although people from New Zealand, and especially the city of Dunedin, pay equally frequent visits to the casino floor. Speaking of which, the casino floor here features around 200 slot machines of all types, and boasts an impressive table games action. Moreover, considering that all player progress can be tracked while a Club card makes for an even more enticing offer.

SkyCity Auckland Casino

If you want something massive, luxurious, exclusive and at the same time available for a large player audience, go to SkyCity Auckland Casino. This land-based establishment has been operating since 1996, and has since then reached 4-star status, expanded to a five-star SkyCity Grand Hotel, and yet maintains focus on keeping players interested. And with numbers such as 1600+ pokies, 100+ table games, 700-seat theatre, a dozen bars and about 700 rooms in total, this is no surprise.

All in all, the land-based casino market in New Zealand does have a lot to offer, as long as you know what you want and where to get it. Still, those indisposed to visit such an establishment can turn to the more modern format of online casinos. Here is a list of the top NZ online casino operators, although having both options at hand is bound to provide the best of both worlds.