How to Withdraw Money from Jackpot City

How to Withdraw Money from Jackpot City

The procedure to make a withdrawal at Jackpot City Casino is very simple and straightforward. Jackpot City has provided their playing community with the best withdrawal methods that there are available on the market. With a seamless way of transferring money to and from the casino, the user experience is beyond pleasant and adds further to the entertainment that Jackpot City brings forward.

Further below will be an elaboration on the online casino payment methods – more specifically, the deposits and withdrawals solutions – that are provided by Jackpot City Casino.

Jackpot City: Introduction

Jackpot City Casino is a gambling platform that provides casino games such as table games and online slots games, allowing the player community to really flourish with the entertainment that is set and available. Having been established in the late 90s, Jackpot City Casino has long been considered a pioneer for its possibility of creating successful players that walk away with winnings and an experience to remember.

With an impressive platform of 600-plus games, and a payout percentage of 97%, players find the banking page within their player account to showcase many banking methods that allow receiving winnings, and the entire withdrawal process to be very efficient. Usually, it takes on average up to 3 business days to receive winnings through traditional methods such as bank transfer. Digital and e-wallets payments, like those at PayPal casinos, are very much within the day or instant.

With top software providers like Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, players can look forward to an online casinos experience that is exciting for all New Zealand players and beyond.



What Withdrawal Options Are Available at Jackpot City?

The withdrawal method and deposit methods selections that are available to players are vast. Players have the option of trying out the traditional banking option like direct bank transfer, which moves winnings from player accounts directly into a bank account of choice. Of course, that is just one of the withdrawal and deposit options available at the player’s command.

Other prominent payment methods are listed below.

Other Payment Options


E-wallets can be used to make a deposit and withdrawals. With a high withdrawal limit, and deposit limits, players will find this to be the most optimal of choices to bank with at Jackpot City Casino. Should you request your winning amount through e-wallets like Neteller, PayPal and Skrill, you only need to wait up to 24 hours. In most cases, withdrawals are paid out within 1 to 3 hours and depend entirely on the rate of casino administration and authorisation of your winning amount. It may take longer if you have taken a deposit casino bonus from Jackpot City’s welcome offers. Multiple checks are initiated, to ensure wagering requirements amongst other terms have been upheld.

Credit Card

Credit cards are a credible option to go for, and again just like the previous digital wallet options, this too can be a great deposit option as well as a withdrawal choice. Limits are entirely dependent on banking relationships and whether you opt for a MasterCard or Visa. Like all other payment method choices, a casino account in Jackpot City is accepting of credit cards.

There are also other credit card options that work through secondary partners like Klarna. Should you wish to make a deposit at Jackpot City, you may use the credit service and then pay back whatever you deposit in instalments.


Cheques are pretty old school nowadays – not many online casinos within the gambling community offer this option. However, Jackpot City does offer it, and it can be another option to consider at this online casino. The only negative associated with this withdrawal option is the time it takes to process your winning money amount. It can take more than 10 to 15 business days to see the money appear in your account, as well as waiting for it to be administered. Some would say that bank transfers or debit cards may be the smarter option. Yet, there are always old-school players that appreciate operating a transaction via a cheque book. Customer support at Jackpot City Casino is pretty great when it comes to gamblers wanting to chase up their money – even for cheque payments.

The Jackpot City website has plenty of information regarding cheque processing times, which are there to be reviewed by players. 

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a top way to make deposits into Jackpot City, however the same cannot be said for those that wish to withdraw. Players cannot set up a withdrawal with this payment method at all. It is a very popular and safe depositing option for players nonetheless as the source of the money does not lead to private credentials of players, hence why it is very popular. Then again, an e-wallet offers the same kind of security, with the option of withdrawal too. 

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw from Jackpot City?

All transfers of withdrawal cash must first be initiated from the player’s user end on the Jackpot City player account. There, players will need to wait for the payment to be authorised by casino agents and reviewed. The reviewing process depends entirely on the time players request to withdraw their winnings, and if they are engaged with any bonus funds or promotional offers to boost their playing experience. Abiding by wagering requirements is a very serious term, and not taken lightly by online casinos, especially Jackpot City.

Players will also need to make sure that they have submitted ‘Know Your Customer’ forms, so players can clearly be identified and checked, to see if they really are new players, and have never used a bonus before (in relation to using bonus offers).

If, however, players are not engaging with any promotional offers, the process of a withdrawal transfer is very straightforward. Players will be informed via email that their withdrawal was initiated correctly and depending on the banking method used, an estimation of when you can expect the deposit to occur.

While Jackpot City is regulated by multiple licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority, players can expect their details to be safely secured with levels of encryption and security technology. Should you still be concerned, it is better to use a web wallet of some kind, or bank transfer with existing security processing integrated.