As one of the longest-standing forms of entertainment, it’s no wonder casinos found their way into the virtual world of online gaming. In order to make a breakthrough in the industry, establish credibility and a good impression with their potential player base, online casinos have employed several strategies at the time.

Online casino bonuses have proven to be the most successful ones, even though they were much less varied back in the days. In any case, players seemed to respond rather positively to the fact that free money or other player benefits have been awarded to them for no particular reason.

As these bonuses started becoming too standard-formatted, players were getting more and more accustomed. They had been introduced to the benefits of no deposit, first deposit welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and loyalty/referral bonus offers, and moved on to find ways to exploit such online casino offers even further.

What to Consider When Exploiting Online Casino Bonuses

Before you get into the matter of exploiting such offers, there are a few things that you need to be aware of. Experienced players exploiting bonus offers have identified the following three bonus features as key considerations during such practices. Make sure to bear them in mind next time you see a bonus worth exploiting.

  • Wagering requirements – The bonus wagering requirements are the online casino’s guarantee that you won’t simply use up the bonus cash and leave. They normally set a limit of the amount of money you need to deposit and play through on their platform before being able to claim any of your initial bonus winnings.
  • Redeeming games – These are the games you are able to play in order to meet the wagering requirements. Less reliable casinos who are likely to scam their players often select the games with the highest house edge in order to make players reluctant to redeem the bonus.
  • House edge – Ultimately, the house edge on such games is, in fact, the percentage of times the house wins over a 100 games, in theory, which is why low house edges are the only game play options to consider.

Top Strategies to Exploit Online Casino Bonuses

There is no one sure-proof way that will help you get the most out of every online casino bonus, but there are some tactics which are better than others. In all honesty, not every strategy is approved by the casino itself, especially since most of them aim to go around the system of requirements which protects their interests.

One strategy is to make use of complex calculators, or more precisely, simulators in order to determine whether the online casino bonus is actually worth the effort. These software apps provide you with the numbers behind the offer itself, and only then determine whether or not to register and claim anything from the given operator.

Another strategy which is much more widely used to exploit bonuses is ‘match betting’, also known as ‘bonus hunting’. On the basis of a math equation, it allows players to make free, low-risk bets just enough to keep them coming non-stop. It is employed across all kinds of online gaming platforms, but was first developed at the bookies and has since brought massive success.