It’s no secret that players from New Zealand love their pokies. Spinning away at slots and waiting for the next big win or a bonus feature to trigger is always exciting. But Casumo Casino has come up with a way to make that experience even more thrilling and engaging.

Casumo Reel Races are special slots’ tournaments where players compete against each other. Those who manage to finish on top once the race is over receive prizes like free spins and cash. So, winning big on slots is made even more exciting by the allure of additional prizes up for grabs.


“$55 500 in Cash Prizes up for grabs every week!”


Casumo Reel Races Explained

Folks over at Casumo have made their Reel Races very simple and straightforward. You don’t need to be a gambling expert to get involved and all you need to win is catch a bit of a lucky streak on a slot machine.

When you log in to your casino account, you’ll see the upcoming race showing on the left-hand side. You can join by a single click and you’ll be good to go.

When the race kicks off, you’ll need to play a certain number of spins within the designated time limit. So, open one of the slots that qualify for the race and start spinning away. Make sure to check out the minimum bet requirement as you’ll need to bet at least that per spin for your spins to count towards the tournament.

Points are calculated based on the size of the wins in relation to your bet so it doesn’t matter how big you’re playing. As long as you meet the minimum bet requirement, you’ll have equal chances of winning as someone betting $100 a spin.

Every time you hit a qualifying win, you’ll see your Race points updated in real time. This allows you to track your progress and definitely helps make the whole experience more enjoyable. If you’re close to the top with some spins remaining, hitting those all-important big wins becomes that much more exciting.

Win Big Prizes

Once you’ve played the number of required spins, the race is over for you. You’ll see your position on the leaderboard but this won’t be your final standing. Someone can still push ahead if they have spins remaining and there is more time left in the race.

Once the time expires, the Reel Race is over. Casumo will notify you about your final position and any prizes you might have won. Whether it’s free spins or cash, you can claim these right away with no delays.

So, all New Zealand players looking to take their pokies’ experience to a different level should check these Casumo Reel Races out. They make things so much more entertaining and rewarding and there are multiple races happening every day so you can find one about to start almost around the clock. Give it a try, there are really no downsides to doing it!