Aristocrat Plarium

Plarium is a web-based casino game developer that offers both mobile and social gaming products. This Israeli gaming company is currently owned by the Australian casino company, Aristocrat, and is, first and foremost a social gaming company. It was founded in 2009 and has multiple offices in Israel, the US, Russia and Ukraine. Customers looking to enjoy Plarium’s social and mobile games can find them on top Social Media sites, such as Facebook – and are available on both iOS and Android devices.

Plarium – A Popular Web-Based Game Developer

The digital social casino business has become ever more popular across NZ, Australia and the world. As such, Plarium made a name for itself in the online games industry – and caught the eye of Aristocrat. This is, in part, due to the popularity of its nine key titles:

  1. Raid: Shadow Legends
  2. Vikings: War of Clans
  3. Terminator Genisys: Future War
  4. Soldiers Inc
  5. Sparta: War of Empires
  6. Stormfall
  7. Total Domination
  8. Throne: Kingdom at War
  9. Nords: Heroes of the North

When Plarium released Stormfall: Age of War in November 2012, it became one of Facebook’s fastest-growing social games. Moreover, the popular Social Media platform also recognised Soldiers Inc as one of the most popular and well-received social games of 2013.

Aristocrat Plarium social casino games

The History of Plarium

The company was originally founded in 2009 and started out by developing and creating games for the Eastern European gaming market. The first games it produced included Farmandia, which originally debuted on the Russian Social Media network of VKontakte. However, in 2011 it branched out and started to produce Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy Games including titles such as Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy which ended up gaining an audience of over 20 million social media users.

The Acquisition by Aristocrat

The big step for Plarium came in 2017 when games such as Vikings: War of Clans caught the eye of the Australian casino company, Aristocrat. The company bought out Plarium for $500 million in cash. However, even after the acquisition, the Plarium CEO and co-founder, Avraham Shalel continued to take the lead in the company. This deal also included an earn-out arrangement paid to the shareholders based on the results.

Aristocrat was known predominantly for creating online and land-based casino gambling machines. However, the acquisition of Plarium, as well as Product Madness, Big Fish Games and Video Gaming Technologies means that it now has five genre-specific studios. The Aristocrat CEO, Trevor Croker, is hoping that the acquisition of Plarium will not only allow them to expand their “addressable market into logical adjacent segments”, but should also help them to deliver significant growth, year on year.

Together, they keep producing outstanding results and Vikings: War of Clans has repeatedly ranked in the top 10 strategy games since it was first developed in 2015.

The Most Popular Plarium Games

Plarium offers games in multiple genres, and in doing so has created and developed some of the most popular social casino games. Here are some of the best:

Vikings: War of Clans

This game is based around the fire and fury of the Northmen. The most popular game in their catalogue, it requires players to construct buildings, train their Viking warriors and ultimately, send them out on raids. The more you play, the better your resources will be and the more you can build and train. You can work alone but you’re better off joining a clan and working with others.

Raid: Shadow Legends

This Plarium title is an RPG game that offers players an immersive and story-based game. It is a turn-based battle game and players need to collect characters, build up their environment, upgrade their team and most importantly take part in several different missions and campaigns. It takes players on an immersive journey through Teleria and because it offers the auto-battle option, it’s great for casual players as well as intensive gameplay.

Terminator Genisys: Future War

This Plarium game is all about a war that is set to define humanity forever. As a player, you are either a member of a resistance that needs to destroy the self-destructive creatures that are trying to conquer the world or a member of Skynet whose job is to eliminate the human race. Whatever side you are on, you need to build up your base, mobilise units and research new technologies. You will also need to lead your armies to destroy your enemies. Whichever side you choose, you need to win the epic battle between humanity and Skynet.

Soldiers Inc

This Plarium game is all about the changing face of modern warfare. As a player, you will be under the command of Mr John Black. You will need to recruit troops, develop your base, sign contracts and build up an army with the aim to win the rights to the Zandian territories. This Plarium strategy game requires you to work with others in order to occupy enemy bases and ultimately, increase your influence in the Soldiers Inc game.

Sparta: War of Empires

Plarium takes us into the heart of ancient Greece in this epic battle game. The game is set in the 5th century BC in Greece – a country under the imminent threat of Persian leader Xerxes. The people of Greece need a hero to help battle for the empire. As a player, you will be guided by Leonidas and get help from his army. You will need all your skills as a strategist, diplomat and leader. You need to develop your city which will be the heart of your army as well as your source of wealth and your increasing domain.

Plarium – Ahead of the Game

Plarium delivers quality games, and this was clear to Aristocrat CEO Trevor Croker when he went ahead with the acquisition. Alongside sister companies Product Madness, Big Fish Games and Video Gaming Technologies they are a huge asset to Aristocrat. They have produced some of the most popular social games in the world, offering innovation and entertainment and are definitely worth a look.