Online gambling is all about entertainment, enjoying one of your favourite pastimes and, should luck favour your case, profit along the way. While this is all about fun and games, there is hardly a gambler, amateur or regular, who hasn’t asked themselves the ultimate question of their chosen online casino’s fairness.

The stigma regarding casino deviousness has originated long before online casinos, as the first gambling establishments and parlours were all but legal and regulated. Hence, people are largely used to the idea of having an operator willing to steal from them in order to end up profiting, even though nowadays, that is quite far from the truth. Online operators are working to their utmost potential in order to ensure their players’ security and satisfaction. While it is fairly easy to state that these establishments are credible and reliable, providing solid arguments to key concerns is the only way to settle the matter.

What seems to set off the first signs of doubt regarding an operator’s reliability is the actual game selection – players spend a lot of time going through titles and staking their no deposit casino bonuses, welcome offers, or their own hard-earned cash. In the last instance, particularly, players are largely prone to notice all kinds of patterns when it comes to their outcomes.

In this regard, it is important that players are familiar with the concept of house edge – the part of their stake that inevitably ends up in the operator’s account. It is, in fact, the main source of income for such establishments, and a rather lucrative one at that – while it may appear to contradict the temporary massive wins, it still puts casinos ahead when it comes to the long run. Due to this, no established operator would be willing to risk their long-term hefty overturn for a brief and rather punitive profit.

Considering that the house edge is used solely to boost the sustainability of this business model as such, it should also be proven fair in order to obtain player trust. This is often considered yet another critical point of doubt when it comes to player inquiries regarding rigged gambling services. In order to maintain transparency as much as possible, online casinos make use of completely independent third party companies that perform regular testing of their game and platform software. This implicates their credibility as much as the operators’, providing further proof in the overall reliability.

Should any additional concerns arise, online gambling experts suggest addressing specific segments of the platform, such as the software providers, the customer support team of representatives and even take a chance with the banking options. While all these points serve to discard the idea of rigged online casino platforms, they ultimately do exist under certain jurisdictions. Nevertheless, following upon the given guidelines, and taking as many precautions as possible before firmly establishing a casino’s legal status is the best action towards protecting yourself as an aware player.